EIA Offers Free Surveillance Camera and Monitoring System to Protect WTC

EIA, NYC High-Tech Security Firm, Offers Free Surveillance Cameras and Monitoring System to Protect WTC from Unauthorized Intrusion


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NEW YORK, NY (March 24, 2014) – In light of the physical security breech in the tallest building in America—the new One World Trade Center, a New York City high-tech security firm, EIA, Inc., is offering to provide an I.P. surveillance system, monitoring equipment and professional installation. EIA’s system would help protect the Freedom Tower—which the State of NY Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services DHSES recognizes as the “number one terrorist target in the country.” [1]


The lack of security was brought to light recently after a juvenile snuck his way through a fence and to the top of the tower, through an area which had no cameras; further, media reports indicated a security guard was asleep on the job. According to The New York Post (3/24/14), a Port Authority spokesman said because the “building is still under construction, the wiring for the network has not yet reached the 104th floor.”


EIA sent a letter today to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office as well as the Port Authority, offering to provide installation and equipment which will help with future situational awareness at the WTC building. EIA’s Chairman George Engel said, New video analytics could have prevented this, even if the guard was asleep. Today, you can outline an area on a video display that will alarm if motion is detected.” Engel added, “Even if there were no wires up to the top of the building, provisional cameras could be installed utilizing modern wireless equipment; we deployed this technology to assist the Nassau County Police Department during the Presidential Debates, and recently the NYPD for the NYC Marathon.”


EIA is one of the leading networked technology firms in America, and is proudly based in New York City. A veteran-owned business, founded in 1977, EIA provides solutions to customers which include covert and open surveillance, video synopsis and analytics, video archiving, access control, lock-down systems, nuclear material tracking, gunshot detection, Ethernet, fiber optic and copper cabling, and providing set-up and management of networks at general, high-risk, and other special events.


EIA is online at www.EIA.us.

[1] http://www.dhses.ny.gov/about/index.cfm?text