Provisional Patent for Intrusion Detection # US 61/999,073

EIA, Inc. LIC, NY – August 04, 2014

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted George Engel, Chairman of the Board of EIA, Inc. a Provisional Patent for an Intrusion Detection System. Patent # US 61/999,073.

The System is capable of detecting and deterring a vast number of location/property types and environments. Deployment is recommended to protect life and/or property.

The system name is DETECTOR.

The technology consist of non-proprietary hardware including Networked Laser, Video, Thermal and Sensors interfaced and controlled by specific programing and analytics.

Industry Specific System Setups are available for implementations.

For more information Contact Mr. Matthew Orent at EIA, Inc. 212 206 8850 ext. 233.