EIA Provides Security Assistance for the World Famous Belmont Stakes


Contact: Mr. Matthew Orent (646-827-1233) press@eia.us

NEW YORK, NY (June 9, 2014) With over 100,000 people in attendance, Nassau County welcomed it’s largest spectator event, the 146th annual Belmont Stakes. The event took place under sparkling blue skies on the largest Thoroughbred race course in the world. 

Security was exceptionaly tight, with command vehicles and representation from the New York State Police, NYPD, MTA Police, New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services, New York State Fire, Nassau County Fire Department, and Nassau County Police Department (NCPD)—the lead law enforcement agency at the event. With a duty to provide effective protection to the tremendous number of staff and spectators at the raceway, NCPD utilized EIA, Inc., to assist with security integration in their mobile command center, and on security hardware which had been deployed to Belmont Park.
EIA, a leading networked technologies integrator, provided a security solution that assisted in providing increased situational awareness in and around buildings, parking lots, and open grassy areas where tens of thousands of people gathered. This solution, provided the NCPD with a wider range of vision over the raceway, and increased the NCPD in their overall ability to quickly respond to developing situations.
For the past few years, EIA has assisted NCPD with deployment of a system integrating their mobile command center at Belmont Park. This year, grant funding has allowed supplementary security features to greatly enhance the overall electronic security footprint at Belmont.
Based in New York City, EIA is one of the leading networked technology firms in America. EIA provides strategic system integration, and solutions including covert and open surveillance, video synopsis & analytics, video archiving and access control. They provide set-up and management of networks at general, high-risk, and other special events—including national events such as the NYC Marathon and for the U.S. Presidential debates.
Protecting 100,000+ people is an amazing job, one that technology makes easier. Remore antennas keep the video feeds coming from afar.
At the exact time when the most popular race was to run (Race #11 at 6:52pm with California Chrome) an officer from the NCPD Intelligence Division and a commanding officer, observe unauthorized trespassers on a roof top at Belmont Park.
The police command post was set up away from the main public site and using wireless communicated with cameras.
A tactical camera configuration, established over a wireless mesh network.