EIA to provide Tactical Security Enhancements to the World Famous Belmont Stakes

EIA, one of America’s Leading Networked Technology Integrators Will Provide Tactical Security Enhancements to the World Famous 'Belmont Stakes' Thoroughbred Horse Race




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NEW YORK, NY (June 2, 2014) To assist in protecting participants and spectators during the 146th running of the Belmont Stakes, the Nassau County Police Department (NCPD) once again has turned to EIA, Inc., one of America’s leading Networked Technology Integrators to provide a technological security solution for the world famous Thoroughbred horse race. Held annually, the event is scheduled for Saturday, June 7, 2014 at Belmont Park--home to the largest Thoroughbred dirt race course in the world. The race is expected to attract a full house to horse racing's largest grandstands, which hold over 100,000 people. 

EIA’s technology solution will provide robust situational awareness to Belmont Park security, and to the NCPD—the lead law enforcement agency at the event. With continued emphasis on enhancing public safety capabilities in and around buildings, parking lots, and surrounding areas, Belmont Park’s expanded video surveillance system will allow them to not only monitor major special events, but also day-to-day activities, and increase their overall ability to immediately respond to developing situations.


For the past few years, EIA has assisted NCPD with deployment of a system integrating their mobile command center at Belmont Park. This year, grant funding has allowed NCPD to have EIA expand and supplement the already installed security infrastructure; as well as provide additional tactical surveillance cameras. These supplementary cameras and features will greatly enhance the overall electronic security footprint at Belmont.


“Wireless high-resolution video surveillance is changing the way public safety agencies protect their communities,” said Glenn Taylor, SVP of EIA. He added, “It’s both a very effective force multiplier for police and is an excellent evidence tool for prosecutors. Starting this year, the police department need only drive up with their mobile command center, and they’ll be able to instantaneously join the encrypted security network and utilize the permanently and temporarily installed cameras at Belmont Park.”afsd

Among the various technologies being integrated by EIA are Firetide Wireless Mesh Nodes, which provide a redundant, secure network and are a critical component of the overall security solution. Firetide, a division of UNICOM Global, is a leading expert on wireless broadband technology. EIA implemented Milestone Xprotect, a world class VMS solution, to provide a reliable and innovative video management platform which federated to the mobile command bus for centralized views and management.

The Belmont Stakes, one of the largest sporting events in the world, is expected to be watched on television by tens of millions across the globe. And, because this year a particular horse is running for the coveted Triple Crown, the Belmont Stakes is expected to see the largest capacity crowd in over 35 years.


Based in New York City, EIA is one of the leading networked technology firms in America. EIA provides strategic system integration, and solutions including covert and open surveillance, video synopsis & analytics, video archiving and access control. They provide set-up and management of networks at general, high-risk, and other special events—including national events such as the NYC Marathon and for the U.S. Presidential debates.



David Engel, head of EIA's Information Technology working on a server set-up inside the police department's command vehicle.

The NCPD will utilize a fully wireless solution this year for law enforcement command and control and emergency operations.

One of the server racks inside the command vehicle.

Rear of the command vehicle showing the telescopic mast.

Belmont Park has the largest dirt Thoroughbred race course in the world, and it has the sport's largest grandstand with a capacity of over 100,000 spectators.

The 2014 Belmont Stakes will be the 146th running.

Here, an encrypted wireless node is being initially tested, communicating between the NCPD command vehicle and the raceway facilitates.

Glenn Taylor, EIA's Senior VP of Sales, exiting the NCPD command post. This will be the third year EIA has worked on the Belmont Stakes with Nassau County Police Department.