EIA Press Release - BridgeWave

EIA Datacom, a Leader in Networked Technologies, Becomes a Certified Partner with BridgeWave Communications


Point of contact: Shelomo Alfassa 646.827.1249

NEW YORK CITY (June 12, 2013) - EIA Datacom, a leader in Networked Technologies for the Law Enforcement, Education, Healthcare and Building Management sectors, announced today that they have become a certified partner with BridgeWave Communications, the leading supplier of outdoor Gigabit wireless connectivity solutions.
"BridgeWave's secure wireless technology is a perfect solution for those places where fiber optic installation is impractical, yet you need the data transfer and reliability of fiber," said Glenn Taylor, Senior VP of EIA Datacom. "BridgeWave's technology is an excellent addition to products we can offer our clients."

Founded in 1999, BridgeWave is a premier vendor of high capacity, high frequency solutions. Headquartered in California, BridgeWave has a strong global presence with products deployed in more than 20 countries. BridgeWave's point-to-point wireless bridges are just as secure or more secure as fiber, and are: FIPS 197 certified, virtually impossible to intercept or tap signal without detection, and abide by HIPPA guidelines.
EIA Datacom's CEO, David Engel offered his congratulations to EIA's Nick Gusev and Yuri Steiman, who successfully completed their BridgeWave Certification.
Starting in 1977, EIA has evolved and advanced to become a leader in Networked Technologies. Our clients have included the local and federal government sectors, healthcare and educational facilities, law enforcement agencies and private industry. EIA's services include: providing covert and open surveillance, video synopsis and analytics, video archiving, access control, nuclear material tracking, gun shot detection, and providing set up and management of networks at special events.

EIA is based in New York City. Visit them online at networkedtechnologies.com.