EIA Press Release - EIA and Nassau County Police Test Gunshot Detection System

EIA to Oversee Field Deployment and Integration of Specialized Gunshot Detection Mapping System


Contact: S. Alfassa (646-827-1249)
NEW YORK, NY (August 4, 2013) – With the goal of prevention and deterrence of violent crime and gun related offenses, a major New York police agency, the Nassau County Police Department (NCPD), will pro-actively field test a unique combined multi-device gunshot detection and deterrent system on August 6, 2013. The system being tested has been installed and integrated by EIA, Inc., one of the leading networked technology firms in America.
Utilizing a combination of solutions such as the pre-existing ShotSpotter—a leading gunshot detection system utilized by Nassau County; combined with the industry’s foremost video management software from Milestone Systems; and with the addition of The HawkEye Effect digital mapping and sensor integration software, NCPD aims to test a real-time gunfire information system which will prove a greater operational level of situational awareness.
EIA provided the installation of The HawkEye Effect gateway and mapping module and integrated it into Milestone’s security system video management software. This incorporated IP cameras and sensors, which provide the precise coordinates of a gunshot, and immediately trigger surveillance cameras to track and record the situation in real-time, recording elements of a crime and/or evidence on high-resolution video.
Gunshot detection systems often can provide the number of shots fired, direction of gunfire and the type of weapon fired, enabling a more effective response to gun violence and giving law enforcement authorities a more complete picture of what transpired at the scene of a crime. It has been reported that gunshot detection contributes to reductions in urban gunfire by up to 80% and related violent crime by as much as 40%.
The media is invited to attend this field test. Please RSVP to Inspector Kenneth Lack of the Nassau County Police Department’s public information office at 516 573-8800 by August 5, 2013 for more information.
EIA has previously worked with Nassau County Police Department at several large events, including one of the three U.S. Presidential Debates, which took place in Nassau County in October 2012. There, EIA’s mission included developing and integrating a mix of high-tech network I.P., thermal, and infrared cameras, and for preparing mobile access over wireless network connections for both ground and air surveillance for the NCPD, the local venue security staff, and the U.S. Secret Service.
EIA provides tools to customers which include covert and open surveillance, video synopsis and analytics, video archiving, access control, lock-down systems, nuclear material tracking, gun shot detection, Ethernet, fiber optic and copper cabling, and providing set-up and management of networks at general, high-risk, and other special events.
EIA is online at www.EIA.us.