EIA Provides Advanced Technology to ING New York City Marathon

EIA, Inc. Provides Advanced Technology for Operational Support of the ING New York City Marathon – America’s Largest Marathon
Networked Technology Integrators Advance Security and Situational Awareness at Major Sporting Event


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NEW YORK, NY (November 5, 2013) – EIA, Inc., one of America’s leading Networked Technology Integrators successfully provided the tactical installation and final integration of a deployment package. The package consisted of various surveillance and security equipment which provided robust situational awareness to the management of the ING New York City Marathon—the largest and most popular marathon in the world.


On the heals of the tragic Boston Marathon Bombings which occurred a little over six months prior, several technology partners and colleagues of EIA, came together to provide specialized technology. EIA coordinated the strategic integration of these products which included solutions such as I.P. surveillance cameras provided by Sony; Video Optimized High-Performance Servers provided by Iomnis Surveillance Solutions; Milestone Systems Centralized Video Management Software (for viewing, investigation and exports)—and all of these systems were unified through a Wireless Backbone solution contributed by Firetide.


Adam Roth, V.P. of EIA’s Technology division, provided the design and analysis of the final deployment of equipment which originated on the streets surrounding Central Park, running into and through the park, up to the finish line, and into the marathon’s operations center. Roth said: “From our installation crews in aerial lift trucks, to our network engineers who worked through the night, we were able to build a solid backbone. This provided the essential connectivity to carry video streams which assisted in the operational management of the marathon.”


Inside the emergency operations center, EIA was stationed with the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force and the NYPD’s Counter Terrorism Bureau; law enforcement and race management could easily observe EIA’s multiple video displays which provided situational awareness of the park and surrounding areas. The technology solutions provided for the marathon were electronically integrated into the larger security footprint established and maintained by the NYPD. David Engel, CEO of EIA said, “The race management staff and law enforcement were true partners in this major endeavor, as were our technology partners at Sony, Iomnis, Milestone and Firetide, all who had a share in keeping the participants, their families, and the city safe.”

Earlier, John McCool, president and CEO of Firetide stated: “With heightened security concerns and the need to deploy high-definition video surveillance, temporary wireless video networks are becoming the standard for securing special events like the ING New York City Marathon. Firetide’s ability to quickly install a reliable, high-performance private wireless video network with our partners—without any permanent alterations to municipal infrastructure along the race route—makes a secure wireless mesh network the ideal solution for this iconic event.”

Tim Palmquist, V.P. at Milestone Systems said, “EIA really brings their expertise to bear in such critical and mobile deployments for operations on the fly, like the U.S. Presidential debate held last fall at Hofstra University. The Milestone open platform enables the integrations of these best-in-class technologies, to help ensure the safety of everyone concerned.”

Dr. Stuart B. Weiss the marathon Medical Director and Continuity of Operations Director said to EIA: "On behalf of Mary Wittenberg, Peter Ciaccia and all of us here at New York Road Runners, I would like to express our sincerest appreciation for your support and the efforts of your entire team in helping us deliver a successful event this year." 

The ING New York City Marathon remains the largest marathon in America and a premiere international sporting event which has an annual television audience of over 300 million. This year over 50,000 people crossed the finish line, and they were cheered on by more than two million live spectators.


Based in New York City, EIA is one of the leading networked technology firms in America. EIA provides strategic system integration, focusing on ensuring core stakeholders are optimally served, while balancing the art and science of technology. A veteran-owned company founded in 1977, EIA provides solutions to customers which include covert and open surveillance, video synopsis and analytics, video archiving, access control, lock-down systems, hazardous material tracking, Ethernet, fiber optic and copper cabling, and providing set-up and management of networks at general, high-risk, and other special events.


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