EIA and the Education Sector

On campus violence, namely school shootings, has become a crisis in America. And while there is no one thing which can be done to stop these occurrences-once a shooting happens, there are technologies which exist that can help potentially mitigate the severity of on-scene damage. The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin says "Most active-shooter protocols contain the same advice: implement lockdown procedures…" as this is part of an overall strategy which provides increased safety of the school community.

EIA offers a comprehensive solution which can include automated lock-down technology combined with the other Networked Technologies such as: video surveillance, video synopsis, video analytics and archiving, identity management, asset control, and access control.
EIA has worked with the education industry, including The State University of New York-America's largest comprehensive system of public higher education, and The City University of New York-the nation's leading urban public university serving more than 480,000 students at 23 colleges and institutions in New York City.